Best Treatment for PTSD

THE BEST TREATMENT FOR PTSD: The evidence is in.

It lasts only about three months, and research shows that for most people its effects last long after treatment is over.

Best Treatment for PTSD

*According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSD

These numbers might be okay with you but for those we trained to be warfighters and our comrades, both military and veterans, these statistics are not acceptable to us.

That is why we are raising funds to help those with PTSD and their families to participate in the Warfighter Advance 7-Day Program.


The Warfighter Advance 7-Day Program is offered to Military & Veterans free of charge. What sets us apart from other psychotherapy programs:

100% of alumni report better experiences than other programs with similar goals
100% of costs covered for every warfighter
100% of entering participants report significant reintegration challenges
100% monthly check-in with alumni forever
100% of alumni highly recommend the program



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The PTSD Benefit is for our esteemed service men, women and veterans who are suffering terribly from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), committing suicide at a rate of twenty per day.
We invite you to support VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit with a gift which will be utilized for a no-cost to the veteran program focused on eliminating the suicide epidemic among our combat veterans without getting them hooked on pain killers and other drugs. 
The ADVANCE™ is, at its core, a 7-day program that uses a variety of means to change the trajectory of the Warfighter’s (active duty or veteran) post-deployment life.  This is so that rather than an existence characterized by an endless cycle of mental illness diagnoses, medications, medical appointments and disappointments, the Warfighter has a life characterized by pride, productivity, healthy relationships, continued service, and advocacy for these same outcomes for their fellow service members.   The ADVANCE 7-Day™ welcomes Warfighters who are struggling with what is typically known as “PTSD,” with or without a formal diagnosis.  Other post-deployment “mental illness” labels or problems such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, anger, and TBI are also considered.  All referrals are self-referrals.  No paperwork documenting “mental illness” is required or accepted. The ADVANCE™ welcomes Warfighters who have been treated by traditional psychiatric methods, as well as Warfighters who have been struggling on their own to reintegrate or deal with their operational traumas.  We welcome Warfighters who are discouraged because nothing that has been offered to them has helped, as well as those who have self-medication or substance abuse problems.  Please review our website where we talk about the success rate of this program compared to the many other programs available to our military and veterans whom our country trained to be Warfighters and are now suffering from PTSD and are contemplating suicide.   Please donate – any amount helps!


This is what Dr. Mary Neal Vieten, a US Navy Officer/Nurse and Psychologist was seeing and experiencing prior to 2003 with many of our veterans and military personnel suffering from PTSD.  In 2003 Dr. Vieten the Founder and Director of Warfighter Advance, Inc., developed The Advance 7-Day training program and since that time hundreds of our comrades, military and veterans, have gone through her program.  Her success rate in this non-medication theory program since is that no one has committed suicide and many of the participants have expressed her program gave them a new outlook on life, Fit for Duty, Fit for Life.

If you or a loved one or friend is contemplating suicide, call the confidential number at Warfighter Advance (202) 239-7395 or e-mail at Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.