PTSD Benefit to raise funds to help Veterans and Warfighters with PTSD


This Benefit is for our comrades who are suffering from PTSD and may be contemplating suicide.   For the past few years many of us veterans have witnessed our military buddies, our friends, our comrades, etc. go through the standard Trauma-focused Psychotherapy program supervised by individuals who have never experienced combat and other programs that give them medication to treat PTSD.  These individuals are still killing themselves and we have gone to too many funerals.  

Military Funeral

The purpose and mission of this PTSD Benefit is to STOP our comrades from killing or wanting to kill themselves.

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This is also what Dr. Mary Neal Vieten, a US Navy Officer/Nurse, Psychologist and a Combat Veteran was seeing and experiencing prior to 2003 with many of our veterans and military personnel suffering from PTSD.  In 2003 Dr. Vieten the Founder and Director of Warfighter Advance, Inc., developed The Advance 7-Day training program and since that time hundreds of our comrades, military and veterans, have gone through her program.  The success rate in this non-medication theory program is that no one had committed suicide since and many of the participants have expressed her program gave them a new outlook on life, Fit for Duty, Fit for Life.

All the monies raised will be used strictly for those veterans and military personnel suffering from PTSD and their families. The money raised will be split 50/50 between Warfighter Advance and District 11, Wisconsin Department of VFW, 100% from donations and 100% from the concert after expenses are paid.  We are asking you for a donation to help our friends, our neighbors and our comrades, where 100% goes to help our neighbor and our comrade and their families, especially those individuals who may be contemplating suicide. Our comrades will attend the Warfighter Advance 7-day training at Lions Camp Merrick in Patuxent River Maryland completely free. This includes the $1,850 per warfighter Advance 7-day fee, all costs for the 7 days; food, lodging, all transportation to and from their home to Lions Camp Merrick.   

When one of our comrades is suffering from PTSD it also affects their family and they may need treatment or counseling. This is when we seek out the very best professional or program in their area.   The source will be the very best hospital, agent, individual, etc. based on their past record, performance and success ratio, completely free to the family. Our military and veterans and their families deserve the very best professional resource available and that is also the objective of this PTSD Benefit.

VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit is under VFW Foundation, Wisconsin Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as an organization of war veterans.  Contributions are deductible under the provisions of section 170(c) of the Code. If you will make a donation or become a sponsor at one of the levels below or become a major sponsor and be listed our website, either as Executive Officer Club, Junior Officer Club or Senior Enlisted Club sponsor/contributor you may do so by going to our SPONSORS PAGE.  Any amount or action you decide, it will be greatly appreciated and a pre-thanks for your decision.

If you are donating or becoming a sponsor of the PTSD Benefit at any one of the levels below, or on our sponsorship page, it will be greatly appreciated and we will acknowledge your gift . All Contributions or Donations should be made payable to 'VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit' and mailed to:

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