Recognition for PTSD Sponsorship - WNB Financial

WNB Financial contributes to PTSD Fundraiser


In appreciation of WNB Financial contribution to the VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit, Chris Sepich, Secretary and Walmart Project Chair on left and Willie E. Stokes, Co-Chair, last week presented a plaque and certificate to Jenny Baertsch, Marketing Manager, center left and Dave Vaselaar, President & CEO which read "Presented to WNB FINANCIAL In Recognition for your Sponsorship for the VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit.  Your Generosity will help our active Military and Veterans suffering from PTSD and who may be Contemplating Suicide.  Presented by VFW-Warfighter Advance PTSD Benefit Committee, October 11, 2022".  

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